Commission proposed to verify strategic investment procedures in Albania

TIRANA, May 4 – The Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party (DP) has undertaken an initiative to verify strategic investment procedures. This initiative has been triggered by suspicions and accusations that have been made public that corrupt practices are being pursued in the case of the Port of Durres and the construction of a tourist resort with investor, actor Gazmend Paja, as well as accusations against the husband of foreign minister Olta Xhacka.

Seven MPs of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi, Jorida Tabaku, Dhurata Çupi, Dashnor Sula, Lefter Gështenja, Arbi Agalliu and Ferdinand Xhaferraj, requested the Assembly to establish a Special Commission to verify the procedures for granting investor status on Wednesday. According to the DP deputies, although the purpose of the law on strategic investors was positive, in practice it has turned out that it has been used mainly as a mechanism to give favors and benefits to people with strong personal or family ties to the government and Socialist Party leaders. The deputies said these projects were overshadowed by suspicion of corruption, favoritism, illegality, clientelism and arbitrariness, giving as an example three procedures: in the case of the Port of Durres; the case of Socialist member of the Tirana Municipal Council Gazmend Paja, who has benefited 133,000 m2 in Dhërmi; and the case of Artan Gaci, the husband of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and SP MP Olta Xhacka. Gaci has acquired the right to use the sea shores and the relevant beach area in front of the complex being built in the village of Gjileka in Himara municipality.

The Commission is proposed to have among others for the object of its activity the review of all practices so far followed by the Strategic Investment Committee, the drafting of legal changes to law no. 55/2015 “On Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania”. /