Albanian Speaker Questions Some Aspects of Globalization in View of Covid Pandemic

The government is prepared to face Covid-19 and the situation requires more cooperation from citizens and health experts in Albania. These were the main messages conveyed by Speaker Gramoz Ruci on Tuesday in the Scientific Conference “Pandemic and recovery” whose topic is the situation of coronavirus in this Balkan country and the measures taken to cope with Covid-19.
“Facing the pandemic requires leadership as well as cooperation between government and citizens. We have asked the citizens for cooperation and participation. The pandemic has caused economic and social consequences and has deepened social inequality,” said Ruçi.
The speaker underlined that the whole society should feel responsible and contribute by taking measures, so that it can avoid the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.
“Pandemics and epidemics are not only the responsibility of the government, but also of the citizens. Division of responsibilities is required between governments, experts, doctors and citizens. The more we open up, the more careful we should be,” he said.
In addition Ruci noted that this pandemic showed that globalization has its benefits, but can also turn into a threat if we do not take action. The situation depends on safeguards

“We need to correct some aspects of the health system in order to protect public health,” declared Ruçi. /