As Pandemic Is Playing Havoc with Albania PM Warns New Restriction Measures

Albania has announced that the new variants of Covid virus might have entered the country which is passing through the worst cycle of the pandemic since its outbreak last March.
“We have reasonable signals that new variants of Covid- 19 have entered Albania‚Ķ We have an increase in infections in young age groups,” said PM Edi Rama in a press conference on Monday.
According to him, the growth of hospitalizations even at a young age, as well as recent violations of the rules can lead to strong restrictive measures.
A curfew is in force from 10 pm until 6 am and mandatory wearing of masks by citizens are part of the restrictions across the country.
“There has been a violation of rules recently. It is irresponsible that even politicians break the rules in (electoral) rallies,” said Rama.
The PM, who is also head of the ruling Socialist Party, was himself on a weekend tour in southern Albania holding many meetings in Gjirokastra, Saranda, Permet and other places.
“What is being seen everywhere and here as well is another wave of infections with dramatic increase of numbers of infections,” he said.
Last week the official figures indicated 6,085 new cases of Covid as well as 66 deaths, while the number of infected children rose to 1500 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic.
“The measures that are in force are measures that in the view of the experts of the technical committee work, but in order to function properly they must be implemented,” PM said warning increase of fines for businesses, premises or shopping centers which violate the safety protocols.
“We will not allow the bars to turn into hearths where Covid dances to music,” Rama declared. /