Democrat MP Shehu backs Berisha's candidacy for DP chairman

TIRANA, May 2 – Deputy Tritan Shehu said that the Assembly of April 30 has a special importance regarding the consolidation of the Democratic Party (DP), which, according to him, will be completed with the election of the party chairman.

Shehu, a former foreign minister, said that Albania has only one DP which was further strengthened in the Assembly on April 30. “There were a large number of deputies in the Assembly, some others did not participate, but it is not true that they opposed the process. There are about 4-5 of them, Alibeaj, Bardhi, Tabaku, who are?stubborn for non-principled reasons. But this is an ongoing process, we are on a train that runs with open doors, that does not stop,” noted Shehu.

Further he emphasized that Alibeaj lost his opportunity to be a unifier and that his absence as group leader does not mean disruption for the DP.

According to him, the DP should complete its organization before the summer to further start work on local elections,

“DP has known and can unite, even when it is divided. Sali Berisha knows and can unite … I personally support Berisha for DP Chairman, as the only one among us who can achieve these objectives,” Shehu said, adding everyone is free to decide, both Basha and Alibeaj.

“Further, as in any democracy, the membership’s vote will decide on May 22,” concluded the DP deputy. /