Dismissed Tirana’s chief prosecutor says vetting process shouldn’t become a witch hunting

TIRANA, April 27 – The Special Appellate College decided on Wednesday the dismissal of the head of the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office, Elizabeta Imeraj.

“The trial panel, making a different assessment by the Independent Qualification Commission, of the factual situation and law enforcement, concludes that the decision of the KPC dated April 1, 2021, for the subject of re-evaluation Elizabeta Imeraj should be changed and the subject of the re-evaluation to be dismissed,” announced the presiding judge Ina Rama, reading the shortened decision.

But after the dismissal Imeraj told the media that she will react immediately and take the case to the Strasbourg Court, while calling for the vetting process not to turn into a witch hunting.

Speaking to the media, the lawyer of the former Chief Prosecutor of Tirana,  commented on the decision ruled by the College on Wednesday to fire the chief prosecutor of Tirana.

The lawyer from Strasbourg said that today is a sad day for Albania. Among other things, he stressed that the issue will be taken to Strasbourg.

“Today is a sad day for Albania. Today we have proof that the system went wrong, we have proof that vetting not only did not go well but went out of control, false evidence, you lost a very good asset, the system is out of control, we will go to Strasbourg immediately,” said the lawyer.

Speaking after her lawyer Imeraj said: “And to conclude, not as a mountaineer, I extend, not even raising my voice, my invitation to receive any file in my process in the Special College of Appeals and KPC. It is unacceptable for me to be in front of facts with forged documents.”

Further on she said that her wealth form shows zero wealth in ownership and co-ownership. “There is no element that compromises it. We cannot say that we are perfect in our work, we have tried to be perfect over the years.”

According to her, the vetting process should not be turned into a witch hunt because someone does not want Elisabeta Imeraj to be the chief prosecutor. “I am convinced, as I promised my children, that absolute truth always triumphs,” said former chief prosecutor Imeraj. /Argumentum.al