DP's Berisha warns of uninterrupted protests to overthrow Rama's government

TIRANA, August 3 – The protests will continue for the removal of PM Edi Rama from power, the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) said in a meeting in the southern city of Vlora where he met citizens, entrepreneurs and tourism experts on Wednesday.
“There is no question, the protests will be vital because this is an enemy. He who violates the vote of his citizens is an enemy of his citizens,” said Berisha, a former premier.
Drawing parallels between former Socialist PM Fatos Nano, who accepted resignation and current government head Rama, the DP leader said the latter does not know resignation.
“He has committed so many thefts and affairs, so he looks like a vampire. So, I invite you to chase him away like you did this time and he was forced to choose DurrĂ«s. Let’s chase him out of Albania too, let him run away, not the Albanians. Let him go to Belgrade, where he has his friend (President Aleksandar Vucic) with whom can do business and anything else,” said Berisha. /Argumentum.al