Ex- veteran Democrat leader Berisha announces his candidacy for DP chairman

TIRANA, May 3 – Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has announced that he will be candidate for chairman of the Democratic Party (DP). The deadline is May 7, however he said on Tuesday that he has not yet submitted the documents but will do so very soon.

“I have not submitted the documents, but I will run. The deputies are members of the National Council. Those who were absent excluded themselves, they had their seats in the Assembly, so this was a decision of theirs, not of the DP instances,” said Berisha.

Berisha has been declared non grata by the US State Department and the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim has repeatedly declared if he is elected the Embassy with cut any relations with DP.

Berisha said he would not ask the internationals as they could not decide the leader of the opposition.

“If we go back in time, Escobar met Lulzim Basha last December and not only that, he fixed a meeting with himng in Washington. This time they came (US senior diplomats), met Basha’s successor,” he said.

Further Berisha said the puppet game is not a serious game and does not work in Albania. “The effort, as I said in the Assembly, when the Albanian left, the US and the whole world will be able to appoint the chairman and leadership of the democratic force of Albania, is over,” said Berisha. /Argumentum.al