Great news by Vucic, Rama and Zaev: The common people are invented

By Shaban Murati

The greatest achievement of the “captured Balkans” has been announced: The common people of the trio constituents were invented. We became a people with Serbs and Macedonians! The three leaders of the “captured Balkans” Vucic, Rama and Zaev, who will meet in Tirana on December 20 to embrace each other, published a joint letter on December 18, where they give the great news that the peoples of the three countries of this Serbian federation have merged into a common people.

The three leaders write together literally in the singular in the third sentence in the letter in Albanian, distributed by the government office in Tirana and published in the pro-government newspapers: “The wish of our peopleā€¦” All patriots with Albanian characteristic dresses should now die happy that we have become a people with the Serbs and the Macedonians.

In Tito’s old Yugoslavia it was called the “Yugoslav people”. Information has not yet arrived from Belgrade about what this common people will be called in Vucic’s new Yugoslavia. Now it remains to create a joint government and establish a joint president, who, of course, belongs to the Serb Vucic, because he invented the “captured Balkans” and has the majority of votes of the common ballkanikokaps (Balkan people).

From now on we are a common people merged into one, the three leaders testify with their joint letter, wher

-Kosovo is not mentioned in any line, because it is not recognized by Vucic. It is not mentioned (Kosovo) in any line and consequently it is not recognized even by Edi Rama, because he does not want to upset Vucic.

– Bosnia-Herzegovina is not mentioned in any line, where the Serbs of Dodik and Vucic are lighting the fires of war, which has alarmed NATO, the EU, the OSCE, the EC, etc. but not Tirana at all.

– Montenegro is not mentioned in any line, where the special forces of Vucic’s Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church are working to establish an even more pro-Serb government and annex the independent Montenegrin state to the “Serbian world”. NATO and the EU are concerned, but not Tirana.

The joint letter, addressed by the three leaders of the “Occupied Balkans” to themselves, created the common people of the Balkans, as a great century-old unrealized experiment of “Greater Serbia”. Long live Serbia-led cosmopolitanism! /

*The comment was taken from which published it in Albanian