Meta calls on government to give up urgently the fiscal amnesty apologizing to honest Albanians

TIRANA, July 6 – President Ilir Meta has reacted regarding the bill on the fiscal and criminal amnesty initiated by the government of PM Edi Rama.

In his post on Facebook on Wednesday, Meta listed a series of arguments based against this government initiative, calling on it to immediately give up and apologize to all honest Albanians for this undeserved provocation.

“I followed very closely the numerous reactions of local and foreign experts, as well as the official warning of the European Union on the draft law on fiscal and criminal amnesty. Among the arguments based against this initiative of the Government, it is warned that through this law the world of crime would be clearly favored,” said Meta in his note.

According to him, it is offered the possibility that the income obtained over the years from criminal activity by organized groups or individuals can invade the local economy, and especially the financial market in a legal way.

He said that honest business and free local initiative would be directly hit and damaged, and serious foreign investments in Albania would be further discouraged because of the draft.

Meta said the entire economy would be criminalized, and consequently the entire Albanian society, exposing the country as a destination that favors the activity of international mafia criminal organizations and groups.

In addition he said that society’s trust in the rule of law, in institutions, in equality before the law would be undermined even further, and the informal economy would be encouraged even more.

The President noted that cooperation with partner countries and the process of membership in the European Union would be damaged by this bill, which would also seriously compromise the image of Albania as a member of NATO, and the unblemished image of all honest Albanians would be harmed.

“I fully support all these well-argued concerns that raise the alarm about the Government’s latest initiative, and that were expressed earlier through the European Parliament Resolution of May 19, 2022. The Government’s irresponsible disregard for them is unacceptable and intolerable,” the President said.