Muslim believers celebrate Eid al-Fitr, prayers at "Skanderbeg" square in Tirana and other parts of Albania

TIRANA, May 2 – After 30 days of fasting and prayers, Muslim believers celebrated Eid al-Fitr on Monday. In Tirana, the believers prayed at “Skanderbeg” Square, where the ceremony took place with the speech of the imams present this year as well.

In his message, the president of the Albanian Muslim Community, Bujar Spahiu congratulated the believers after the month of fasting, saying that everyone has gained new spiritual and moral dimensions.

“The month of Ramadan is the month where for each of us the circumstances were created for salvation and guidance on the right path. Please come out of the month of Ramadan with a purity and spiritual enlightenment,” he said.

According to him, everyone who has fasted has gained new spiritual and moral dimensions and fasting is an obligation, an opportunity and a favor that God has given to people to cleanse the old and open the way to the new.

Spahiu appealed to everyone to be more committed to their parents, the elderly and to be close to the orphans. “To lend a hand to people with special needs, to take care of them and to show mercy to them. One cannot think that there will be joy and pleasure in Eid for those who turn their backs on friends, relatives, poor people and a brother left aside,” he said during the ceremony.

‘Work honestly towards the country, do not touch public property, do not bring illegal income into your homes! Do not touch the dignity, honor and home of another, these are religious principles, universal principles! These are actions that grieve God,” underlined Spahiu.

The head of the Albanian Muslim Community also spoke about the war in Ukraine, wishing peace and prosperity in the world as the consequences of conflicts are felt everywhere and affect innocent people.

Such ceremonies were held in other parts of Albania, where the majority of the population is of the Muslim faith. /