PM Kurti Invited to Inaugurate Kosovo’s Embassy in Jerusalem as Erdogan Welcomes VV's Readiness to Reconsider Step

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a letter sent to the Vetevendosje (Self-determination) leader, Albin Kurti, whose party won 14 February election, has mentioned the recent agreement between Kosovo and Israel on establishment of the diplomatic relations and the decision of Pristina to open its embassy in Jerusalem.
Netanyahu congratulated the prime minister designate Kurti on winning the election and said that he looks forward to hosting Kurti to inaugurate Kosovo’s embassy in Jerusalem.
“I very much welcome the agreement of our two countries signed earlier this month to establish diplomatic reltions and I hope we can use the new momentum in our ties to significantly upgrade the cooperation between us,” Israeli PM wrote in his letter as quoted by Gazeta Express on Saturday.
“Your commitment to the addressing Jewish issues, including that of property restitution, is greatly appreciated,” Netanyahu wrote in his letter.
“I attach much importance to Kosovo’s decision to open its embassy in Jerusalem and I look forward to hosting you in Israel for its inauguration,” Netanyahu concluded in his letter.
Kosovo-Israel mutual recognition came as a result of the Washington Agreement reached on September 4, 2020 with Kosovo agreeing to open its embassy in Jerusalem a move which has triggered many reactions. Also, within Kurti’s party – the Vetevendosje, there is no clear stance on this issue. A senior member of Vetevendosje, Glauk Konjufca, said that they would consider the decision if Kosovo is conditioned by the European Union. Another senior member of this party, Haki Abazi, said the EU’s stance against opening the embassy in Jerusalem is of great importance for Kosovo adding that Kurti should sit with officials in Brussels and those of Israel to solve what he referred as “a knot.”
The European Union voiced regret at Kosovo’s decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem, made as part of a broader deal brokered by the previous US administration, saying it “diverges” the Kosovo from the EU position.
Erdogan’s letter…
The Vetevendosje leader and prime minister designate, Albin Kurti, received a letter from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulating him on winning election.
Erdogan in his letter said that he welcomes the position of Kurti’s party who expressed readiness to reconsider the decision to open Kosovo’s embassy in Jerusalem.
Kosovo and Israel established this month diplomatic relations and Pristina pledged to open its embassy in Jerusalem. The move was condemned by Turkish President Erdogan. In his letter published Saturday by the Vetevendosje Erdogan told Kurti that it would be useful to avoid such a move.

“Furthermore, I am pleased to hear the position of your party if it takes the power that it would reconsider engagement of Kosovo on opening of the Embassy in Jerusalem. I believe it would be useful to avoid such a move, which would cause serious harm to Kosovo,” Erdogan wrote in his letter.