PM Rama rejects report on media freedom saying there is no other country like Albania

TIRANA, May 4 – In no country in the region do the media have the freedom they have in Albania, said PM Edi Rama in another reply to the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index.

According to the World Press Freedom Index, Albania has plunged to an all-time low in the ranking 103 out of 180 in 2022, down a staggering 20 places in just one year. 2021 seems to have taken a significant turn for the worst as its score fell from 69.41 out of 100 to 56.41. “While editorial independence is threatened by partisan media regulation, the physical integrity of journalists is undermined by organized crime, the state’s failure to protect them and even by police violence,” the report said.

“In no country in the region do the media have the freedom they have in Albania. “There is no report and there is no index, there is nothing that denies this regardless of what the indexes and reports can say,” Rama said in a harsh tone on Wednesday.

Asked about the State Department which said the same on media issues, Rama did not see any concern besides the growth of victims of slanders and fabrications.

Regarding the election of the new President and if the majority was ready to approve a name brought by the opposition, he stated that Socialists are not sitting at the table on prejudices and that they will judge on names.

After all, thanks to the constitutional changes made in 2008, there are more than 71 votes in parliament and Albania will have a normal president. /