Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the official establishment of diplomaticc relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the State of Israel

The Council of  Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the official establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the State of Israel.

The establishment of the diplomaticc relations between Kosovo and Israel is an important diplomatic, historic,cultural and economic step forward between these twocountries.

This Agreement makes Israel the 117th state that has recognized Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state.

With this act, the State of Kosovo strengthens hispositionin the international arena, making new friends intheMiddle East as well.

This act paves the way to the intensification of the bilateral inter –institutional cooperation in all areas of mutual benefit.

This historic event confirms once again the Albanian – Israeli friendship.

We express our gratitude and thanks to the USA for all its support exended in reaching this Agreement!

Tirana, February 2nd 2021