Varhelyi praises Albania’s role in the Ukraine war, PM Rama declares decoupling from North Macedonia

TIRANA, April 28 – European Union Commissioner for Enlargement and Good Neighborhood, Oliver Varhelyi stated on Thursday that the EU appreciates the important role of Albania in the war in Ukraine.

In the joint press conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Commissioner Varhelyi also spoke about the war provoked by Russia in Ukraine.

“We highly appreciate, not only in Brussels but in all EU capitals, the important role that Albania is playing, as it has been close to us in all decisions and above all has facilitated and moderated most of the work in the Security Council,” he said, adding that Albania is a real partner of the EU in this respect. “Therefore, I want to thank Albania and Prime Minister Rama for all the support and cooperation that we have had and will continue to rely on your commitment in the future,” said Varhelyi.

In addition he thanked Albania for being patient regarding the EU integration process.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Rama stated that if the European Council does not open negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia within the 6-month term of the French Presidency, Albania will change course and openly demand decoupling from North Macedonia. According to him, this is linked to the stalemate created by Bulgaria’s veto on North Macedonia. Rama referred to the process of the National Counseling and Albanian citizens had said Albania should change course and openly demand decoupling from North Macedonia.

Rama said the Commissioner supported the inclusion of Corridor 8 in the European network, and a Ministerial Transport within the European Union might make such a decision soon. /