Abazovic managed to unite pro-Serbian, pro-Montenegrin, Albanian, Croatian and Bosniak parties in new govt in Montenegro

TIRANA, April 29 – The election of Dritan Abazovic as Prime Minister is of great importance for the Albanians in Montenegro because it shows greater representation but also increases the confidence that Albanians are capable of governing.

This is what analyst Kristjan Dukaj said in a talk show on Dritare TV on Friday while talking about Montenegro’s new government and the election of Dritan Abazovic at its head.

Dukaj said the fact that there are already three Albanian prime ministers would bring stability to the region and restore the EU’s attention to the Balkans, thus accelerating integration.

“There will be two Albanians in the new government and this is a great advancement because so far we have had only one Albanian minister, the one for minorities and human rights. We will now have the Ministry of Public Administration,” he said.

According to the analyst, Abazovic is an example that Albanians are capable of leading. His election also says a lot about Montenegro. “The first point of Dritan’s achievement is that he managed to be the chairman of a Montenegrin civic party, something that was considered taboo in Montenegro.”

Dukaj said Abazovic managed to unite the pro-Serbian, pro-Montenegrin, Albanian, Croat and Bosniak parties and that is the beauty of this government. “So the goal was achieved to create a new and multiethnic government. Dritan’s government was elected with 45 votes, a record in these 30 years. Albanians are proving that when they come to power they manage to maintain peace, stability and integration. This will make the EU change its mind about the Balkans and move faster towards integration,” said analyst Dukaj.