Berisha says Vucic seeks to provoke conflict and destabilization

TIRANA, April 26 – Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has denounced the attack that took place in northern Kosovo in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Through a message on Facebook, Berisha stated that the attack was ordered by Belgrade gangs and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. According to him, Vucic seeks to provoke conflict and destabilization.

“The criminal attacks of the Belgrade gangs are ordered by the Serb, Vucic! After the barbaric Russian aggression against Ukraine, Belgrade has organized gangs of bandits which have repeatedly undertaken criminal and terrorist attacks on Kosovo police patrols in the north of the country,” said Berisha, a  former veteran leader of the Democratic Party.

Further he said that Vucic seeks to provoke conflict and destabilization and thus continue his project of Great Serbia.

“I condemn with the utmost severity these repeated criminal acts against the Kosovo police and demand their immediate cessation,” concluded Berisha. /