Doctor Tells Govt Close Schools as Done by EU Countries and Don't Hide Fatalities from Covid

The well known Doctor Petrit Vargu has stated that the real figures of deaths and hospitalizations of patients infected by Covid-19 are hidden in Albania.
In a direct Skype connection to ‘ABC Morning’, he said on Friday that the reason it happens is because the government wants to consider the work against the disease as a success.
Dr. Vargu denounced that medical officials hide real figures on the gravity of the pandemic in Albania by reducing the numbers for saying that the problem of the pandemic was a success for the country.
He further commented on the revelation made several months ago that Albania is now going through the third wave of the pandemic.
“Currently we are in the third wave of the pandemic and all of Europe, not only Albania. We must not forget one thing, new mutations are more theoretical than practical. We do not need to have mutations, as the English variant is more than 50%. But we are not worried if we have taken our measures. We say Germans, Italians, French did so. But why don’t we make like them? Why don’t you close schools like them, when it is said that the mutation infects young ages,” said the doctor. /