DP's Alibeaj asks sanctions against PM Rama for using 13 time the word fools to curse opposition in Parliament

TIRANA, April 28 – The head of the Democratic Party (DP) parliamentary group, Enkelejd Alibeaj has asked the Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla to sanction the Prime Minister, Edi Rama for the hate speech used in Parliament, saying that only the aggravated mental situation can save him. “He should be sanctioned by you despite sitting close to you for the story of fools or thieves,” he said, adding that Rama used the word ‘fools’ 13 times to curse the opposition.

“There might be very young people in this hall and at the time when the gentleman was culture minister, he took the icons to Germany and they never came back here,” he said.

Further Alibeaj said it should be returned the seriousness of the discussion in this hall and to talk about things that interest Albanians and not fools as he claims.

“I am waiting for the sanctions for MP Rama, and only the aggravated mental condition saves him from the sanction,” Alibeaj said. /Argumentum.al