Fiscal amnesty to hide money laundering in Albania

TIRANA, July 18 – Economic expert Pano Soko stated in a talk show on a local TV on Monday that the government will block the only way that justice can get to the money of corruption, that is to the money of the governors, by means of the initiative of fiscal amnesty.

Asked why Prime Minister Edi Rama is now   applying the fiscal amnesty risking the process of negotiations with the EU, Soko said that if the negotiations start the autonomy and independence of the government will be limited.

Soko further said that over 30 billion dollars in real estate have been laundered only in Tirana. Crime money has been laundered since a long time and the process goes on. Huge amounts of money come to Albania, they are legalized and that money is introduced into the system, he said.

“The real estate assets have risen with money whose origin we don’t know. The problem is with the money of the incinerators, with the money of corruption,” said Soko.