Germany and the “Innovative Solution” on Kosovo after Macron-Vucic Meeting in Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron hosted in Paris Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic on 1 February discussing Pristina-Belgrade dialogue and after the meeting “an innovative solution” was mentioned. Political commentators in Belgrade interpreted Macron’s initiative as an effort to overshadow German Chancellor Angel Merkel’s role in the dialogue, said Gazeta Express on Thursday.
But what is the opinion of officials in Berlin following these developments, was Chancellor Merkel invited to attend the meeting and which “innovative solution” is acceptable to Germany?
The Press Office of German Federal Government has answered these questions sent by Gazeta Express.
The German Federal Government says that Berlin’s approach towards the dialogue and close cooperation with Paris remains unchanged.
Germany’s approach towards the importance of a dialogue on normalisation between Kosovo and Serbia remains unchanged as well as our close cooperation with our colleagues in Paris,” a spokesperson of the German Government told Gazeta Express.
Political commentator and member of the Institute on European Studies, Serbian professor Slobodan Zecevic sees Macron-Vucic meeting as an effort of Macron to be in charge of the dialogue process.
“Macron wants to be in the first place, because French believe that Serbia is a friend and therefore they want to have an advantage over Germany,” Zecevic is quoted as saying by media in Belgrade. He also mentioned several solutions which might be in favour of Serbia, mentioning an autonomy for Serbian orthodox Church monasteries and churches and accord of Serbia for Kosovo to become member of the United Nations without recognising its independence.
The other political commentator, Suzana Grubesic was quoted as saying Kosovo’s issue will be solved in coordination of the EU and US. She also said that regardless of Macron’s interest, a solution between Kosovo and Serbia is impossible without Germany. She said the innovative solution would be to let Albanians and Serbs solve their problems.
The new development in Paris came as Kosovo and Israel have established officially diplomatic relations as a result of Kosovo-Serbia Agreement on economic normalization signed at the White House on September 4, 2020 as an initiative of former US President Donald Trump.
The German Government congratulated Kosovo on the recognition by Israel and recalled that all EU embassies are located in Tel Aviv. “We congratulate Kosovo on the recognition by Israel. At the same time, we recall that the EU has a united position regarding the capital of Israel and therefore all EU embassies are located in Tel Aviv,” a spokesperson of the German Government said.
Kosovo considers recognition from Israel as a historic moment but the move to open its embassy in Jerusalem has been criticised by the EU, the State of Palestine, and the Arab League. /