INSTAT reveals the biggest departure of Albanians from their country in 2021

TIRANA, May 26 – The plague of migration has marked another growing cycle after 2017, culminating in 2021 when 33,000 Albanians fled their country without returning.

A report by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) has revealed that 7.5% of the population or in other words 213,748 people have chosen to leave Albania in the last 10 years.

According to INSTAT data, the population from the 2011 census data was 2,831,741 persons, while in 2022 this figure dropped to 2,793,592 inhabitants.

The ‘escape’ rates accelerated significantly after the cessation of the pandemic period in 2020.

Albania’s population began to decline in 1990 as a result of mass emigration when the communist regime was overthrown.

INSTAT estimates that during 2011-2020 it is estimated that an average of 42,000 people emigrated each year after it isolated the country for more than 5 decades.

As Albanians confess the main reasons for emigration have to do with better opportunities for work, education and health care as the overall crisis deepens in Albania. /