Is Albania Heading to Second Lockdown as Health Minister Speaks Out of 'Very Delicate' Covid Situation

Editor’s note
Albania seems to have knelt down in face of the unchecked deadly spread of the pandemic with Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu unveiling in an unexpected alarm that the situation is ‘very delicate’ and Covid hospitals are overloaded with sick patients.
Manastirliu was speaking with the medical staff of COVID-3 hospital in Tirana on Saturday. She confirmed that currently more than 600 patients are receiving treatment for COVID-19 in all COVID hospitals. Meanwhile she appealed to citizens to be vigilant and respect the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while adding that the vaccination process started today in Korca, southeastern Albania.
“We are in a delicate situation and all the commitment of health personnel in all Covid hospitals is to the patients’ service. There are more than 600 patients being treated in our Covid hospitals,” said Manastirliu.
Further on the Minister said that it is intended to close the vaccination process for medical staff within two weeks of March.
So far (February is ending) Albania has received about 11,000 doses of vaccines and is administring them to vacinate medical staff, old personalities, retired people!!!
In face of the unexpected hint of senior government authorities on an eventual lockdown medical specialist Erion Dasho, known of his critical stances towards the management of the pandemic by PM Edi Rama and his close aids, said in a comment on Saturday that “lockdown” promoters have lately grown when Albania is in a health catastrophe which, according to him, started in November last year and peaked in February 2021.
“They are largely Albanian doctors abroad, but not only. In conditions when Albania has one of the highest incidence and mortality in the world with frightening figures, the” lockdown” seems to them the most reasonable solution,” he said, putting the question if it is really so.
“The biggest problem with today’s lockdown proponents is that they are turning to this alternative too late. When many of us criticized the ministry and the committee of experts for incompetence and inaction, today’s lockdown proponents rubbed their heads and insisted that experts can’t criticize the government. As if they had never heard of civic movements in the countries where they live!” said Dr. Dasho.
According to him, restrictions should be toughened but Albanian lockdown should not be quarantine for citizens.
“Let us not use careless terminology which can and will be used as an excuse by the government to misuse any of our recommendations! Let us be specific and deeply professional in the measures we propose! Measures yes! Lockdown no!” Dr. Dasho concluded. /