Most of online services for citizens and businesses restored after cyber attack in Albania

TIRANA, August 4 – After almost three weeks of cyber attack, online services for citizens and businesses are normally accessible in Albania, according to an announcement by the National Agency of Association of Information (AKSHI) on Thursday.

Currently, 1214 out of 1225 online services provided on the e-Albania platform can be used by citizens and businesses with the same speed and ease as before, said the announcement.

Also, AKSHI announced that the services of applying the form for the first issuance or renewal of the passport are in full operation; declaring the loss of various documents; economic assistance for individuals and certification on the amount of benefit of economic assistance; request to benefit from social housing programs; list of grades and certification of diploma for students who have attended the University of Tirana.

Meanwhile, the engineering staff is working to restore the last remaining services to normal including payment of energy and water bills.  

From Monday, it will be possible to apply for construction permits (e-Permits), assessment of the impact on the environment and the use of water resources.

The electronic systems recently restored to full functionality are: the system of the Center of Official Publications; e-Inspection; the information management system for the administration’s human resources; electronic system of economic assistance.

Also, the official e-mail is functional for all employees of the administration. The security mechanisms of the official e-mail have been strengthened and every mailbox has been moved to the cloud infrastructure.