President's Urge to Government Ignored as Excessive Inundation Aggravates Situation in Shkodra Region

President Ilir Meta has called on the government to declare a state of natural disaster in the flooded areas of Shkodra, northern Albania.
Meta said in a post on FB on Thursday that the area of the land ​​underwater in Shkodra has increased to 4,000 hectares in a few days, while the expansion of this area is expected.
He also revealed the conversation with the mayor of Shkodra, Voltana Ademi, according to which the situation has aggravated and an immediate intervention is required from the state authorities.
There are reports from local sources that many neighborhoods have been flooded with water rushing into houses and other public buildings.
“The situation of floods in Shkodra Region as a result of intense rainfall and melting snow in the basins of the rivers Drin and Buna is heading towards unpredictable extremes,” said the head of state.
Therefore, Meta demanded the declaration of a natural disaster so that the citizens of Shkodra are not left at the mercy of fate, but to have all the attention of the state.
“I repeat the call to the Government to responsibly assess the warnings of IGJEUM and not to leave at the mercy of fate the residents of Shkodra, who deserve to be treated with dignity and have all the attention and help of the state, especially in this extremely difficult period which is aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the President.
So far there have not been any reaction by the Socialist-led government which considers Shkodra as a bastion of the right-wing opposition Democratic Party.