Questions revealing PM Edi Rama has been collaborator of Sigurimi i Shtetit; his late mother involved

TIRANA, July 30 – In a tit for tat reaction on claims of PM Edi Rama regarding the case of the Authority on files of former state security involving former president Ilir Meta, who is now head of the Freedom Party, the Secretary General of this political force, Tedi Blushi made public five questions to be answered by the government head.
Earlier on Saturday Rama said he was inclined to believe the Authority which claimed that Meta was a collaborator of Sigurimi i Shtetit (state security) of the communist regime.
Below are the five questions that Blushi put to PM Edi Rama:

  1. Edi.K.R or Edvin Kristaq Rama, did you receive a salary or honorarium from the State Security for the work you did in the magazine of this institution called “In the service of the people”?
  2. Who found you a job in the Sigurimi’s magazine “In the service of the people” and in exchange for what?
  3. What connects you with the spy “Neta” that you caricatured in the Sigurimi magazine?
  4. Did you offer any EXTRA services to the Security on November 3, 1988. Who was the translator and what does this have to do with the “Scavolini” file? Did you write the report?
  5. Who is the proven spy, N.L and are you sure that you didn’t fall into the trap of “Radio Game”?
    Further Blushi said the paid cartoonist of the State Security, Edi.K.R or Edvin Kristaq Rama is seriously deceiving when he claims that Meta proposed to him the head of the Files Authority.
    “Everyone knows that she was the Deputy Minister of Veliaj (son of instructor Shpresa), his and Rama’s favorite,” Blushi said.
    Moreover, the paid cartoonist of the Security magazine “In the service of the people” knows better than anyone that the meetings or conversations he claims are documented, according to Blushi.
    “In any case, there is no more room for excuses and alibi. What has happened is very serious and Rama is the main person responsible for ordering the manipulations and forgeries. There are many things that have a price. But never Dignity and Honor. Neta’s son knows these jokes. Too bad for him and the morons who follow him in this folly!
    Stop hiding behind women’s and mom’s dresses! Answer now!” /