Re-foundation Commission announces names of 150 new members of DP National Council

TIRANA, May 1 – The Central Counting Commission of the Democratic Party (DP) Re-foundation Commission announced the completion of the process for the DP National Council and the election of 150 members on Sunday. DP deputy Albana Vokshi stated that this has been a transparent process that put an end to the authority of the chairmanship while adding that the vote count was broadcast live for the first time in the history of political parties in Albania.

“Since yesterday, the launch of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party marked a historic day for the Democratic Party and was another proof that trust in free voting has returned to the DP. No more leaders’ ruling as every decision is made by the membership. Delegates were elected with the vote of membership of their branches. The DP not only voted in full transparency, but for the first time a political party counted the votes live,” said Vokshi.

She stressed that “after an analysis of the list, it turns out that 50 percent of the new National Council are from partner organizations of the DP, the forums of the youth and women. So out of 150 members of the National Council, 75 members are from youth and women’s forums for the first time in the history of a political party.” /