SMI’s head calls on SPAK to continue probe into incinerators corrupt affair

TIRANA, April 28 – The Chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Monika Kryemadhi focused on the energy crisis as well as the issue of incinerators in her speech in the Assembly on Thursday.

Kryemadhi said that the main responsibility for the energy crisis in Albania is the government, starting with Prime Minister Edi Rama. According to her, despite the costs incurred, incinerators do not produce energy.

“Political decisions are what have caused this energy crisis we have today,” Kryemadhi said.

In the meantime she asked the prosecution authority for serious crimes, SPAK, to continue investigations to uncover the affair of the incinerators.

Kryemadhi also said that young people out of impossibility are forced to go to England to become guardians of ‘narcotic houses’, while girls become escorts of drug criminals.

“If a young man has to become an MP, he needs one million euros to enter parliament. A young Albanian today does not even have 200 euros in his pocket, but they get on trucks to be guards in ‘narcotics houses’ in England or Spain while Albanian girls become escorts of drug criminals in Albania,” said the SMI chairwoman. /