SP parliamentary candidate loses huge amount of money, promises reward for anyone helping to find it

TIRANA, April 17 – The Socialist Party candidate for deputy, Vaid Shaba from the town of Kavaja stated that he lost about 1.4 million ALL. According to ABC on Sunday, his money was kept in a bag by an employee of the Foreign Exchange office owned by Vaid Shaba.

After learning about the loss of money, the candidate for deputy has issued announcements in the streets of the town of Kavaja asking for the cooperation of citizens. The announcement states that they lost 10,000 euros, 580 pounds, 310 dollars and 130 francs. Vaid Shaba also promised a reward for the person who gives the information that might lead to finding the lost money.

Shaba ran in the 2021 parliamentary election race in Tirana district under the Socialist Party logo.

Police have not reported on the case.