Symbolic Vaccines Supply Started to Be Administered with PM Getting Second Dose

While taking the second dose of the anti-Covid vaccine on Tuesday, Prime Minister Edi Rama justified the low batches supplied by Pfizer due to the “extremely chaotic supply throughout Europe”.
But according to him, what is most important is that Albania entered into the implementation of the contract with Pfizer and Monday’s batch of vaccines paves the way for further supply process.
Some 1,170 doses arrived in Tirana on Monday evening and some of them will be administered for medical staff from Kosovo.
“Of course, if we look at the numbers closely, if we do not see the whole picture and the whole plan, then the vaccines definitely look very few, but in fact first of all let us not forget that we are the only country in the region together with Serbia that has entered implementation of the contract and vaccination for doctors and nurses has started,” Rama said not mentoring the fact that Belgrade has made contracts to get vaccines from Russia and China. The latter sent lately to Belgrade 1 million doses of its vaccine.
Rama announced that in February another 40 thousand doses will come to Albania.
“Yesterday evening (Monday) we received confirmation from Pfizer that 10,000 doses predicted will arrive in mid-February and another 30,000 doses will arrive within this month,” Rama stressed.
Against the background of the aggravation situation of the pandemic with daily rising fatalities and infections in Tirana and other regions no mention is made of the possibility of getting vaccines from other destinations like other countries are doing. There are reports that Germany is in the process of getting vaccines from Russia and China. Turkey has just concluded a contract to be supplied with 50 million doses from Sinopharm. /