Third time is lucky, a hard blow for Borrell/Brussels Players, not judges, yet the last !

EXCLUSIVELY at ARGUMENTUM, it “ dots the Is and cross the Ts” only in 1000 words on  four major diplomatic events

 By DR. Jorgji KOTE


Realpolitik  “flash ” No. 3 ; 2 – 16 February 2021


  1. Third time is lucky!

This saying fits perfectly to the landsliding victory by Vetë Vendosja ( Movement for Self – Determination” in the parliamentary elections on 14 February in Kosovo, the third ones within the last 16 months! Its leader, Albin Kurti  multiplied the victory on  6 October 2019 and dismantled the “ political coup” in 2020, when they pushed him out in the first 100 governing days! 14 February 2021 highlights the Great Change, the debut of the overthrow of the rotten political system there, based largely on misuse of names, political bargains and war trofees. The victory is historic, but equally historic is the resposibility with at least 10 major challenges. Albin Kurti is right in declaring that the new government will be first focused at home, with justice, equality and economy, as “ Achiles Heels” for official Pristina. Without this paradigm shift at home, there is no chance for success abroad, nor in its dialogue with Serbia.

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This is why after opening the champagne of this sounding victory, the new Government should start changing almost everything, its image, status and stature, the political program, conduct and action, so that finally it could put in place the lacking cohesion and unity through diversity. Only in this way, Kosovo can catch up the time it has lost due to political hurdling, intrigues and  bazaars, based on instant political interests and situations. The international community should also recognize this “Must” and not to press Kosovo, since as they say  “ haste is delay” As to Albania,  at least for free and fair elections, Kosova showed that it is  lagging much behind. On 14 February, Pristina “raised the  bar” too high for our 25 Prill!

  1. A hard blow for Borrell&Brussels: The negative echo of the visit by the EU Chief of Foreign Policy Josep Borrell in Moscow on 5 – 7 February continues. “Hard blow ” is the softest term, for one may call that visit also failure, loss, humiliation, catastrophe, not only for Borrell but for the European Brussels as well. Borrell kicked a bad start. The only good thing he did before leaving to Moscow was his statement that “ we should talk with and not about Moscow” Afterwards, unimaginable faults and errors. Even the lowest ranking  diplomat knows quite well that one should not mention the talking points and especially sensitive ones, like that of  Navalni in public, before meeting his counterpart. Then, as to meeting Navalni in prison, Borrell should have solved this issue in Brussels through all diplomatic demarches and not leave it up for the last instances in Moscow. The same applies to meeting the Russian Prime Minister or even President Putin. Likewise, Borrell   did a grave mistake by accepting a humiliating Press Conference before the end of official talks; or when he criticized the USA for Cuba. Even worse, he was taken totally unprepared to respond  to FM Lavrov when the latter stated that the EU is an “unreliable partner”; Borrrell did also give a very week response when Moscow expulsed three EU diplomats on that day.

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Apparently, Mr. Borrell did not assess properly his Russian counterpart. For Sergey Lavrov is a career Ambassador with 48 years of diplomatic service, from secretary of Embassy, then in UN in New York first as Councellor for 8 years and then Ambassador for 10 years; in Moscow  Director and Vice Foreign Minister and above all, for 17 years on end as Foreign Minister, fluent in  English and in French and so on.

Besides the many crises and challenges faced by the EU, which is in a more inferior position vis à vis Russia than in the early ‘90, Borrell showed once again that he lacks the proper status and stature, that he is like “ day and night” compared to his predecessor compatriot J. Solana; therefore, the demands for his resignation are justified. Although he can not go now, since it could be an  even greater humiliation for the EU; the latter is now forced just to “ swallow this bitter pill” This diplomatic catastrophe urges from the  EU to draw the proper lessons, especially ahead of the  adoption of the new strategy on Russia this March.  It should be guided by Realpolitik and not “wishful thinking”; otherwise, the slap in the face it had in Moscow may be followed by other failures. Thus, the EU would continue to be  “ an economic giant but a political dwarf”

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  1. Players, not judges! This is how we should behave towards the EU Member States and not like judges, as some chief governmental executives have done also during the last two weeks. Even worse, they consider as fulfilled the said conditions, trying to leave the domino “ double six” in the Brussels hands. Actually, if and when we comply with those conditions, how and to what extent, it will be the EU Council to decide in March, but not us; because we are still only players that should “play the ball which is clearly in our court”. Moreover, when 25 April is knocking on our doors with the essential condition for free and fair elections coming on top. Hence, enough is enough with calls and insinuations on the EU! Ok, there are certainly steps and achievements on our side which should be acknowledged; but we should do that with modesty and a pozitive spirit and  not by stinging the EU.  Image result for vaksina ruse ambasada rama
  2.  Yet, we are the last in the “ vaccine diplomacy”. Despite the bets and a boring propaganda, the facts and the reality are “ stubborn” Actually, first in the region with a big diference from us ranks Serbia with 9,2 vaccine doses for100 inhabitants. It has even left behind the EU Mmber States in the region – Roumania with 5, Slovenia 4,7, Greece 4,3, Croatia 2,8 and Bulgaria with 0,9 doses for 100 inhabitants. Then Albania and other countries. In fact, Serbia pursued a more pragmatic policy, free from ideologisation and political rhetoric in the vital “corona diplomacy” It is also using Chinese and Russian “Sputnik V”. As it is known, the latter offer offer was refused by Albania with a harsh language, even asking  an apoloy from the Rusian Embassy!! True, this diplomatic nonsense was rectified a bit later, but the damage was done. Perhaps our political leaders have drawn the lessons from this case since as they say “ health is not all, but without health all is nothing”.  / © Argumentum