Washington's Top Envoy Urges Quick Creation of Government in Kosovo

As the people have spoken the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Philip Kosnett has urged the winning parties to form a government quickly and efficiently.
“There is no time for delays when the new government faces so many challenges,” said Ambassador Kosnett speaking at the Justice Academy judicial induction ceremony in Pristina on Friday.
Kosovo held snap general election on 14 February and according to the preliminary results the Vetevendosje led by Albin Kurti won 47.8 percent of votes.
“Kosovo citizens deserve an effective government that fulfils its full mandate,” Kosnett said.
According to the Ambassador, like elections, an independent judiciary, enshrined in both the US and Kosovo Constitutions, is a key pillar of democracy. β€œAn independent judiciary, a judiciary that does not tolerate political pressure, is essential to upholding the rule of law. You, as judges, are vested with the power to enforce and adjudicate, but this must be rooted in evidence and the law itself. In your work, you must set anything aside that could distract or detract from the pursuit of justice and ensuring a fair system for the people of Kosovo,” said the US Ambassador said. /argumentum.al